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Antenna systems in the frequency range VLF - SHF
(10 kHz - 100 GHz, RX and TX, up to 100 kW Transmitting Power)


EMI / EMC test equipment for civil and military vehicles, ships, aircrafts and other components


Monopoles, dipoles, Yagi-antennas, logarithmic periodic antennas, horn antennas, discones, cage antennas, loop antennas, patch antennas, helices, dish antennas, integrated array antennas ...


Automatic broadband antennas
(1.5 to 30 MHz, 1 kW, 8 - 12 m height)


Tuning units, amplifiers, splitters, switching devices, distributors, controllers, matrices


System engineering, research and development, production, sales and marketing, installation, training and logistic, system studies, antenna measurement, static mast calculation


Example of an antenna system with S12014/481 (30-220 MHz) and S23011/26a (100-2000 MHz) mounted on a common mast with remote-control of the polarization and elevation as well as individual manual control of the height

Antenna Types:

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