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The company Friedrich Scheuerecker Antennentechnik was founded in 1973. In 1989 it was formed into a limited liability company and became FS Antennentechnik GmbH or simply FSA.
This independent company was established for the purpose of design, production and marketing of Antenna Systems, RF Systems and related products for the commercial, industrial and military markets. The company has a wide product base which includes transmitting and receiving antennas covering the frequency range from VLF to EHF.

Among our clients are Telecommunications Administrations, Research and Development Organisations, Radio / TV Broadcasters, Defense Ministries, Motor Car Manufacturers, EMI / EMC Test Houses and other industrial companies. Our long-standing strength lies in our ability to design and produce custom antenna systems in order to meet our clients rigid technical and operational requirements.


As tools to support our design staff we use extensive computer analysis programs for calculating radiation patterns, system noise figures, and doing electromagnetic wave analysis and static calculations.

The manufacturing department is supported with a machine shop fitted out with many modern numerically controlled production machines as well as a fully equipped model shop for design prototyping and unique parts making, cooperating closely with the design engineers. Antenna measurements in the frequency range between 150 MHz and 18 GHz can be made in an absorber chamber.


The FSA quality control system is based on the strict military requirements and is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. The company employs 10, mostly engineers and technicans and is supported by a host of outside consulting and material supplier firms. The firm is located about 10 km north of Munich, Germany.



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